Suite Margarita Bonita is a project designed, developed and managed by the company Stones & Sticks.

In Margarita Bonita we believe in love, couples, and obviously believe in sex. And we give it the importance it deserves. Because we like, and because we are of those who think that life as a couple it is better and more complete when intimate relationships are too.

That is why we have created the best range of erotic furniture in the world. They are exclusive design and are specially designed also for your most intimate moments. So that my relations with your partner to another level. So you rediscover sex and, incidentally, your life.

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Information about our products

Behind each of the products developed by Margarita Bonita is a process of creating, testing and trials almost two years. A major investment in R & D with the sole aim of creating a single bed in the world that favors intimacy of couples. For the development of all its projects, Margarita Bonita receives technical advice from a team of collaborators made up of different professionals ranging from sexologists or doctors, to engineers to decorators or designers.

For the manufacture of Margarita Bonita products they have used the best materials and has been taken into account even the smallest detail of security. As the high-efficiency motor controlled by an electronic drive-art and low noise level. Or the tough technical fabric around the bed to protect people and animals of the internal mechanisms and systems of the Movement Bed.

All Margarita Bonita products have been designed to integrate seamlessly into the home. Cutting-edge design with great functionality that allow its use for both relationships to the rest. At first glance we will have a beautiful piece of furniture, but only the owners know their extraordinary hidden qualities reserved for moments of intimacy with a partner.

Each of Margarita Bonita products can be personalized with different finishes, so that each partner can set up your Margarita Bonita in line with the decor of your home.