Shipping & Returns

Delivery times vary depending on the product and the delivery area. To know them, you must enter the file for each product and can vary between 2 and 14 days. Delivery times are calculated based on working days (Monday through Friday, except holidays) and shall run from the confirmation of payment to the bank account of Margarita Bonita.

When the customer wants the goods will be delivered later than scheduled, you must specify within 24 hours after making the order, by email to The goods shall only be retained in the stores a maximum of 20 calendar days from the agreed date of delivery. Once this period has elapsed, the storage of such goods will cost an additional 10% of the order value per month.

In case of breach of the delivery date specified in more than 21 working days, the buyer may choose to cancel the order by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and receive the amount paid. The failure to deliver not be considered as if it has been delayed by choice or if it was unable to locate the buyer using the data provided by it.


The products offered in Margarita Bonita can be served in Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom and France automatically. For shipments to South America, North America and other countries, contact

Customers who pick up the goods at stores Margarita Bonita will not be charged shipping costs. This option is intended for those who can have own transportation. The customer must contact Margarita Bonita to perform the necessary steps.

The price of shipping cost includes transportation only. If any item will need extra assembly, it will be borne by the customer (this information will appear on the page of each product, shipping information). For products shipped by courier the goods will be delivered to the customer's home without unpacking.

The transport company made shipments from Monday to Friday in the morning or afternoon; having previously agreed to the appointment with the customer. If the schedule offered by the transport agency not please the client, you can modify or reject, leaving for another day. This could delay delivery of the goods slightly.

The client agrees to be in the place of delivery the agreed date for delivery to the carrier and to verify compliance of the order and the perfect condition of the goods at the time of receipt.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the dimensions of the article will not cause a problem of accessibility to your home, paying special attention to the doors, corridors, elevators, stairways, landings, etc. The shuttle is not allowed to raise or lower the facade any article or to use pulleys or similar mechanisms. Thus, the additional costs incurred crane rental, if necessary, be borne solely by the customer.

If you can not make delivery on the scheduled day due to access difficulties or step not previously identified by the client or his absence on the day of delivery as agreed with the carrier, Margarita Bonita will bill expenses delivery. If the client wishes to change the agreed date of delivery to the carrier, it must notify at least 72 hours in advance, to the following email account It is answered with a receipt giving precise instructions on the process to follow. It is essential to keep that received as proof.

The goods are covered at all times against risks of transport, loss and manipulation. In case of complaint regarding defects or marks of spoilage (damage, missing product compared to the delivery order, damaged packaging, broken products, etc.), the customer must indicate anomalies in the delivery note carrier and notify them to the following email account within two days from the date of delivery to the address. It is answered with a receipt giving precise instructions on the process to follow. It is essential to keep as proof that I received.

Except in the case of hidden defects no claims shall be admitted upon receipt of the products by the customer if he has not followed the procedure detailed above.

The customer should never throw the packaging of products to check that they are in perfect condition and verify that all products match those requested